February 2020 North Shore Music Festival

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The 49th annual North Shore Music Festival was held earlier than usual at February 1 – 14, 2020 in order to accommodate the Sinfonia events timeline. This year the festival offered competitive and non-competitive classes in piano, voice, strings and guitar. The online registration was available for both Mac and PC this year and a as result most of the entries were done online. That was a big relief for Alice Rada.

Despite the early date, classes were full and well-organized. The festival ran smoothly for 8 days, followed by 3 excellent Final Concerts in the second week, one for the non-competitive section, and two for the trophy winners. The audience was treated to many memorable performances.

The adjudicators were: Piano – Michelle Mares, Wayne Weng, Yvette Rowledge; Strings – Calvin Dyck; Vocal – Sheila Christie; Guitar – Itamar Erez.

I would like to thank all the teachers that helped with the myriad of tasks this festival requires. This is a community effort and is not possible to do without your efforts.