September 2019 BC Culture Days

Our branch organized the “Exploring the Feel-good Factor of Music” event as a way to connect to the wider community and encourage people to get involved in music making. The event took place on September 31, 2019 as a part of BC Culture Days.

The venue- the lobby of the Polygon Gallery has a stunning waterfront view of the harbour and the Shipyards Historic District. This is a very busy place with a lot of activity going on at any time of the day. It also hosts remarkable contemporary exhibitions.

The event featured over 35 students, teachers and guests performing a variety of repertoire from Baroque and Classics, to Modern, popular and even original compositions. Members of the audience were encouraged to join at the keyboard for improvisation activities based on “Pattern Play” books.

The program was very diverse and lasted for more than two hours. Among the performances were trios, a sextet, duets, and solos representing violins, celli, viola, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, vocal, flute and of course piano. Quite a few people from the audience stepped in and played along.

The response from students, teachers and audience was very warm and enthusiastic, and the mood was the one of celebration of arts and music.